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Owned and operated by a certified personal trainer, our youth conditioning program is a 10-week physical and mental training program designed for children between the ages 8-16 (some age exceptions apply) with all types of athletic backgrounds. We at Hentz House Training believe that exercise should be effective, practical, and fun! In addition to getting your child active, your child will also learn the importance of accountability, responsibility, and other important life skills. Throughout our program we host family events and "fundays" to help establish an actual relationship with our trainees and their families. We are more than your average youth conditioning program. It would be an honor and a blessing for you to allow us the opportunity to enhance your child's outlook on fitness. Below you will find our program's creed as well as our promise as their coaches. Here on our site, you will find plenty of information regarding registration, pricing, & more! Please feel free to reach out to us ("Contact Us" button) with any questions. 

Hentz House Training Creed

To be a BEAST, I have to do 

what beasts do. 

I will Be 1% better every day,

 I will Encourage myself and those 

around me, 

I will Adapt to change,

 I will Stay focused, 

and I will Try my best every day. 

I will be a BEAST!

Coach's Promise

As your coach, I promise to teach you exercises and movements that are completely functional that will benefit you in everyday activities.  I will do everything I can to make sure you fully understand everything that we are doing and why we are doing it. Exercise is meant to make you stronger and better; it is NEVER meant to hurt you- and as your coach, I promise to take every step possible to ensure that. 


As your coach, I promise to dedicate 100% of my attention to you. To be the best coach possible, I will be: hands on, asking lots of questions, taking feedback, learning what works best for THE INDIVIDUAL, adapting to your style of learning, keeping constant focus on your movements and making sure to have a TRUE CONNECTION with you so your journey will be fun, exciting, and ENCOURAGING!


I may talk a lot. I may be goofy. I may have some pretty terrible and corny jokes. I may even forget how to put sentences together every once in a while, BUT- I will always EXPLAIN, DEMONSTRATE, TEACH, LISTEN, MONITOR, CORRECT, AND RETEST to make sure that you are performing everything as efficiently and as safely as possible to make you the strongest, most confident version of yourself.


As your coach, you have my word.




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Tay Hentz                                                             Alyssa Hentz

Tay Hentz

Alyssa Hentz

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